CLT Joules

CLT Joules is an initiative to promote energy innovation and startups among the entrepreneurial community in Charlotte. With the establishment of CLT Joules, early stage energy companies have a community where they can learn, accelerate growth, and connect to the big players in the energy ecosystem of Charlotte.

Greenhouse Accelerator

The Greenhouse Accelerator is a non-profit organization and provides its help for free, working with cleantech entrepreneurs over a period of up to three years;  it also provides seed loans but does not take equity shares.  Its key objective is to help green entrepreneurs create sustainable local jobs.  It measures its success along a triple bottom line:  its impacts on revenues generated, on sustainable jobs created, and on the responsible use of natural resources.  It is a community effort – the local community of successful entrepreneurs and senior executives who are willing to help a new startup succeed.


Louisiana Technology University’s Trenchless Technology Center

The Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) is a university/industry/government cooperative research and technology transfer center and is part of the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech University, in the northern Louisiana city of Ruston. The Center is involved in underground infrastructure and the development of trenchless technologies through basic research, applied research, and technology development activities, coupled with educational, outreach, and technology transfer programs. Since 1991, the TTC has conducted or participated in numerous research projects to further innovation and development related to underground infrastructure. The Alternative Cementitious Binders Laboratory (ACBL) at the TTC has been extensively involved in research and development of geopolymer concrete products for the past seven years. Over this period of time, significant knowledge and experience have been gained in terms of the mixing, casting, and curing of geopolymer concrete, as well as tailoring geopolymer concrete for diverse applications, including extreme corrosion and heat conditions.

Phone: 318-257-4072

NOLA BioInnovation Center

The New Orleans BioInnovation Center (NOBIC) is a non-profit technology business incubator focused on fostering entrepreneurship and supporting biomedical and clean technology innovation in Southeast Louisiana. The 66,000-square-foot facility offers wet-labs, offices, and conference facilities to a broad range of companies, from early-stage startups to maturing and expanding businesses. NOBIC has established itself as a leader in increasing entrepreneurial activity in the region through educational programming and technical assistance to emerging growth companies as they develop new technologies and work to bring them to the market. These include diagnostic tools, drugs, medical devices, health information platforms, and clean technologies that hold great promise for addressing a wide range of medical and environmental problems.

Phone: 504-680-2973

North Carolina A&T State University Tech Transfer

Our land-grant heritage positions us well for today’s great research challenges – energy and the environment, nanotechnology and biotechnology, and many more. Our work extends beyond our traditional disciplines of engineering and agriculture into areas including biomedical research, leadership development, and the social and behavioral sciences. In emerging and converging disciplines all across the spectrum of science and engineering and beyond, Aggie researchers are innovators and leaders. In 2009, N.C. A&T established the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering in collaboration with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. N.C. A&T leads the nation in the number of African American students who receive bachelor’s degrees in engineering. The university also has been successful in encouraging women to pursue degrees in traditionally male-dominated disciplines. Female enrollment in engineering averages 38 percent, twice the national average. N.C. A&T is a constituent member of the University of North Carolina system. It is a historically black university, established in 1891 and located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Enrollment is about 8,900 undergraduates and about 1,700 graduate students.

Phone: 336-285-3188

Tulane Tech Transfer

The Office of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Development (OTT) at Tulane University promotes innovation and entrepreneurship within Tulane and facilitates the transfer of innovations out of Tulane for public benefit. OTT has a history of working with industry to bring technologies to market in the fields of healthcare, industrial applications, and research tools. In addition, OTT highly values interaction between industry and Tulane’s researchers to identify potential collaborations. Existing technologies under development by Tulane spin-out companies include: compositions for environmental remediation via NanoFex, LLC, and an underground reactor that can increase the quality of oil or convert biomass into oil via ReactWell, LLC. Other technologies available for further development include: hollow microspheres for encapsulation, and methods for treating wastewater. Tulane is also currently developing a new campus situated on the bank of the Mississippi River that will host a Center of Excellence for coastal protection and restoration. OTT welcomes the opportunity to discuss interest in our technologies or a desire to collaborate.

Phone: 504-862-8000

University of Alabama Tuscaloosa Tech Transfer & AIME

Founded in 1831 as Alabama’s first public college, The University of Alabama is dedicated to excellence in teaching, research and service. We provide a creative, nurturing campus environment where our students can become the best individuals possible, can learn from the best and brightest faculty, and can make a positive difference in the community, the state and the world. As a major part of UA’s effort to invest in innovation through research and development, the Alabama Innovation and Mentoring of Entrepreneurs center (AIME) is a proof-of-concept center dedicated to facilitating and promoting the advancement of UA’s inventions by helping UA faculty, staff and students develop, create and commercialize their ideas. AIME works closely with UA’s Office for Technology Transfer to accelerate the commercialization of marketable ideas at UA in order to benefit the university, the economy and society. AIME and the Office for Technology transfer will offer information on several of UA’s innovative energy technology companies. Specific technologies on exhibit include a new battery system for high capacity rechargeable batteries with longer lifetime and improved reliability and new power converter technologies for more efficient renewable energy integration into the grid.

Phone: 205-348-5433 (Tech Transfer)

Phone: 205-348-3500 (AIME)

University of Central Florida Tech Transfer

The Office of Technology Transfer at UCF brings university discoveries to the marketplace through intellectual property protection, marketing and licensing processes. The office connects UCF researchers and their innovations with companies and entrepreneurs to take the technology to market. Your organization or company can join UCF in making an economic impact by sponsoring research, collaborating with our researchers, taking advantage of our licensing opportunities, assisting in the formation of start–up companies, and commercializing products that can solve today’s pressing problems. The OTT helps you harness the power of the discoveries made at UCF.

Phone: 407-882-0340

University of South Florida Tech Transfer and USF CONNECT

The USF Technology Transfer Office (TTO), Patents and Licensing is responsible for the licensing and facilitation of new startups around University technologies. In 2013, USF’s TTO had a record year executing 75 agreements and forming 9 new startup companies. The TTO works closely with USF CONNECT, the epicenter of Tampa Bay’s Innovation Ecosystem, which is a network of innovation-based companies, research, business development tools and government resources. USF CONNECT focuses on the needs of Tampa Bay’s technology and bio/life sciences entrepreneurs throughout the business life cycle, providing the facilities, partners and resources for successful business development.

Phone: 813-974-0994 (USF Tech Transfer)

Phone: 813-974-1082 (USF Connect)