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CAT5 Awards 2014 Finalists (Present for prize funding June 3, 2014)


Airway Assistance, LLC

Nearly 15m people have dysphagia & left untreated can lead to pneumonia, malnutrition, or dehydration. Pneumonia represent a financial cost of ~$70B USD annually to health care in the United States. Cautious estimates project a 2% savings with the SIS device or $1,400,000,000. Airway Assistance, LLC is based on a University of Florida licensed novel technology that helps individuals who have trouble swallowing, dysphagia or dystussia,difficulty in coughing.


CyberFactors is a cyber risk analytics database that models cyber risk data from multiple perspectives. In conjunction with its sister company, CloudInsure, CyberFactors can deliver risk analysis and risk transfer products and services to insurance companies, financial services companies, regulators, accountants, consultants and corporate risk professionals.

Helicon Chemical Company 

Helicon Chemical Company develops and manufactures advanced fuels and propellants for aerospace and rocket applications. Our products include liquid and solid propellants containing dispersed energetic nanoparticles that add significantly to energy density and performance. Helicon’s products are low-cost, safe replacements for conventional high-performance propellants that pose significant environmental and safety hazards.

HySense Technology 

HySense Technology LLC develops and manufactures chemochromic pigments for flammable and toxic gas leak detection for the aerospace, chemical, oil&gas, and power generation industries. Leaks from flammable/toxic gases could result in catastrophic human casualties, plant closures, environmental damages and lengthy shut downs. HySense color changing pigments can be applied in a variety of forms including tape, spray, and paint.

Lares Technology

Lares Technologies develops intelligent security systems designed for large (greater than 5 mile perimeter), sensitive areas where intrusion can be catastrophic. Lares flagship product, PIRSON,™ uses sophisticated classification algorithms and a unique hardware design to accurately (and autonomously) identify threats vs. non-threats in all weather / lighting conditions. This virtually eliminates false alarms and the need for human vigilance. Products are designed for the following military and commercial applications: airport perimeter security, border and critical infrastructure protection.


NanoPhotonica uses their breakthrough nanomaterials to significantly improve the cost and performance in a range of electro-optical applications across multiple high volume markets. Their materials will bring game-changing improvements to displays, industrial/home lighting, and weapon sights, as well as other electronic devices that are central to how we live and work.



Google Earth for indoors – Paracosm is building a 3D map of every building on earth. Paracosm develops cloud-based 3D-mapping software that allows users to quickly scan a space using a tablet and upload the data to our cloud. Our software automatically creates 3D-models of the space that can be downloaded to any 3D CAD package. Our early customers include building surveyors and A.E.C. professionals (construction project management).

ReliOx Corporation 

ReliOx Corp. markets a family of antimicrobial products based on proprietary technology. This new “Chemical Capacitor” technology can produce the “gold standard” disinfectant – Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) – safely and efficiently. ReliOx platform technology delivers pH neutral ClO2 from a single precursor, is scalable and sustainable. ReliOx provides easy access to ClO2 and will expand its use in food safety, facility and healthcare hygiene.

RINI Technologies 

Founded in the spring of 2000, RINI Technologies provides innovative technology and product solutions to tough thermal-management challenges. RINI Technologies’ core expertise is in Evaporative Spray Cooling (ESC), Thermal Energy Storage (TES) and Miniature Refrigeration System. These technologies are leveraged for a variety of applications for high-power lasers, power electronics, and personal cooling devices.

SeaTorque Control Systems 

Seatorque is passionate about revolutionizing the marine industry and developing new technologies for alternate fuel sources, green propulsion and hybrid/electric power. Seatorque’s multi-award winning and patented driveline technology has earned a reputation for quality, reliability and cutting edge performance, and Seatorque has become propulsion partners with the world’s leading boat builders and shipyards.


Non-Competing CAT5 Awards Finalists (Present  pitches June 4, 2013)


Advanced Technologies and Testing Lab 

ATTL has developed an innovative product line, Transformair®. Transformair is a disruptive new indoor air purification technology that rapidly, safely and completely destroys all airborne bacteria, viruses, mold and volatile organic compounds. These pollutants create and contribute to a swath of diseases and allergies, drive up costs associated with these health issues and can be deadly in the case of bio-terrorism and disease outbreaks. Transformair employs a patented photo-electrochemical technology with a proprietary manufacturing process, invented by Dr. Yogi Goswami. This technology serves critical environments in the healthcare, life science, defense, aerospace, and industrial sectors in addition to residential and commercial applications. Conventional solutions are only marginally effectively and/or produce hazardous byproducts. Transformair provides an effective and scalable solution for superior indoor air quality.

Fitness Medical Systems 

Fitness Medical Systems (FMS) is developing a voice controlled, interactive therapy device that uses audio and visual cues coupled with an infra-red sensing device and camera that accurately monitors and tracks physical therapy regimens for all types of musculoskeletal injuries. It features an easy to use, easily adjustable, intuitive interface that is quickly deployable and requires minimal training on the part of the physical therapists and medical professionals. A working proof of concept prototype has been completed and development continues. FMS is looking forward to moving into their incubator space at UCF later this month.

General Capacitor 

The FSU AME lab has developed a Lithium-ion high energy supercapacitor now licensed for production by General Capacitor. This patented tech offers increased energy density and higher voltage at a lighter weight and volume than competitors. Lithium capacitors are clean tech that can increase the efficiency of electrical systems by rapidly storing and dispensing energy to provide auxiliary power and extend the lifetime of batteries.

hEar Gear Inc. 

FreeWavz has developed 100% wireless earphones that allow first responders and civil protectors to receive private audio communications and other critical information while maintaining sight and sound awareness. Listen-through management applications provide the ability to enhance local sounds and a language translator can provide real-time translation to your native language. Sound suppression protects from loud, ear-damaging noises.

Statim Technologies 

Statim Technologies LLC developed the microenvironmental air-chilling concept and the inventions to make it possible. Statim thus reduces or eliminates heat stress in situations where such was previously impossible, such as surgeons and firefighters. Heat stress is currently the primary cause of death for firefighters.


We provide Diesel Fuel Saving systems to trucking and industry. We specialize in Refrigerated Trailers using the Thermo-King Reefer system. Other engine classes include Duramax 6.6 L, Detroit Diesel Series 60, Cummins 5.9 L, and Yanmar 2.1 L. Our systems save on fuel consumption and reduce emissions. Providing the customer with less fuel consumption with his/her power plants gives a money savings back to the customer. The customer spends less.

World Housing Solutions 

We manufacture rapidly deployable and reusable thermally efficient structures and shelters for the US military, oil and gas, and lab industries. Utilizing insulated composite panels with an integrated proprietary assembly and foundation, the system allows the deployment of the units either on grade or above grade thereby eliminating the need for expensive grading.


Other Companies Relating to Manufacturing and/or Industrial Safety

Anuva Manufacturing

As a Contract Manufacturer, Anuva provides complete electronics manufacturing service from system design coupled with high quality assembly and test of printed circuit boards, cables, sub-assemblies, as a ‘virtual manufacturer’. New product Introduction (NPI), Rapid prototyping of single unit through routine high volume demand, complete electrical and mechanical repair services, additional services from warehousing, product distribution, and logistics. Annual volumes range from 5 to 50,000 pieces, with batch sizes of 1 to 10,000 offering a scalable solution and flexibility from our Morrisville/Raleigh facilities. Product Design with comprehensive Electronic, Mechanical, Industrial and Software engineering team.

AquaGen Technologies

AquaGen, a water engineering company formed by a group of professionals who are experts in advanced oxidation processes, draws from that wealth of knowledge to produce revolutionary “Fusion Energy” water processing systems. These products help shape a new generation of green, low power consumption water treatment. We license, design, develop and manufacture water treatment solutions for large-scale and sustainable applications across diverse industries. AquaGen has developed proprietary products based upon our patent pending Fusion Technology, Mixed Oxidant reactor and Separator technolog,y which target bacteria & virus disinfection, oxidation of organics and the precipitation of scale causing minerals.

Burr & Forman LLP

For over a century, Burr & Forman’s experienced legal team has served clients with local, national, and international interests in numerous industry and practice areas, including manufacturing and economic development. Our attorneys work with a number of manufacturing clients ranging from automotive, maritime, and aviation to medical devices and consumer goods. With nearly 300 attorneys and nine offices in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee, our attorneys draw from a diverse range of resources to help clients achieve their goals and address their complex legal needs. If results matter to you, and you want them to matter to your law firm, give us a call.

Craig Technologies

Craig Technologies’ unique consolidated design-to-production capability provides a quick and cost-effective solution to any priority need by supporting multiple product lines under one roof at our 161,000 sq. ft. Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing Center (ADMC) in Cape Canaveral, FL. Our team is supported by an inventory of over 2,000 pieces of manufacturing, test and specialty laboratory equipment. The ADMC offers the following capabilities and services:
Precision Machining and Fabrication
• CNC Turning and Milling
• CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication
• EDM Wire and Sinker Machining
• Waterjet Cutting
• Welding and Brazing
• Laser Identification and Marking Avionics
• Cable and Harness Fabrication
• Digital and Analog Electronics Fabrication
• Antenna and Transmitter Characterization Specialty Manufacturing
• CNC Tube Bending
• Composite Fabrication
• Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pressure Testing
• Corrosion Control Test and Evaluation
• Non-destructive Evaluation (NDE)
• CMM, VCMM Quality Inspection
• Materials and Process Evaluation
• Class 100,000 Clean Room Assembly and Testing
• Environmental Testing

Diamond Systems

Diamond Systems LLC is a verified VOSB, HUBZONE Certified, MBE Company providing field & fixed laboratory-portable instruments, chemicals, environmental solutions, safety equipment, working with bio-digesters, construction, landfills, research, WTE-recycling operations, environmental, and hazardous applications

Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast

The Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast is an innovative, countywide, public-private not-for-profit partnership between the Brevard County Commission and the Space Coast business community. Business leaders, chambers of commerce, local and state government leaders, and community organizations contribute to the overall mission of the EDC. The EDC is dedicated to attracting new business and investment and expanding existing industry throughout the Space Coast, influencing change on government laws and regulations affecting economic development, promoting the Space Coast to encourage new investment, supporting efforts of Space Coast military installations, and relaying new programs and procedures to assist manufacturing and high tech companies.

Elevated Horizons

We are a leading supplier of UAV products and services, including:

  • High definition photography and video.  Everything from weddings to real estate to security – aerial imaging is both effective and compelling.
  • Spectral imaging – this incredible technology allows a number of diagnostic applications, from agricultural applications to geological to utility inspections.
  • Thermal imaging – detecting increased heat signatures in many instances, can provide you with a proactive inspection tool to avoid issues later.

EnviroStar Lighting

Commercial and Industrial lighting; look no further than Envirostar Lighting. Envirostar Lighting is a leader in the commercial and industrial lighting and lighting retrofitting industry; marketing state–of–the-art, energy–efficient fixtures that help both the environment and your bottom line. Our Envirostar product collections are designed and built as the most energy-efficient commercial lighting solutions. Whether the environment is exterior, office, manufacturing or warehouse, we have the entire portfolio at wholesale pricing. Every solution is designed to achieve the highest impact – visually & economically. For large projects, we also provide a complete light auditing service, to ensure you have the right lighting in the right areas in the right color. www.envirostarlighting.com


An environmental company, where top professionals from around the world have come together to solve the greatest environmental hazard to humankind: the harmful effects of greenhouse gases. Reversing the greenhouse effect with cost effective and profitable alternatives IS our goal. Providing cleaner fuel for better air will allow future generations to enjoy a better Earth!

Enviro is comprised of the best talent available; from marketing to engineering to health care. Putting together the right team of professionals will guarantee our long term success and will allow us to achieve our goal for a better environment. Enviro is making a positive impact, NOW!

Florida High Tech Corridor Council

The Florida High Tech Corridor Council (FHTCC) is a regional economic development initiative of the University of Central Florida (UCF), the University of South Florida (USF) and the University of Florida (UF) whose mission is to grow high tech industry and innovation through partnerships that support research, marketing, workforce and entrepreneurship.

Germfree Laboratories, Inc.

Germfree has delivered over 300 Class III Biological Safety Cabinets (Gloveboxes) to meet the high containment needs of U.S. Federal and State Agencies. We have recently delivered, installed and participated in the commissioning of stationary and mobile Class III Gloveboxes for BSL-3 and BSL-4 laboratories located at U.S. Army Bases in Edgewood, Maryland; Dugway, Utah and Frederick, Maryland.

Additionally, Germfree is the prime supplier of Portable and Mobile Class III Glovebox and Filtration systems that meet the military specifications for ruggedization and transportation with several branches of the U.S. Army, including: Technical Escort, JSIPP, Chemical Weapons Treaty Verification Laboratory and the National Guard.

Germfree has demonstrated national and international expertise in developing mobile, modular and container laboratories to meet user specific requirements. The project team at Germfree includes design and mechanical engineers, industrial engineers and hygienists, registered biosafety officers and end users. These experts, together with the construction team and principal investigators, work cooperatively on every step of the design, manufacturing and installation process to ensure that the safest, most comfortable and useful work area is ultimately achieved.


GrowFL was created in 2009 by the Florida legislature as an economic development program focused on assisting second-stage growth companies prosper in the state of Florida. By providing strategies, resources and support to second-stage companies for next level growth through Strategic Research and peer-to-peer CEO mentoring, GrowFL helps companies overcome obstacles to growth and leads them towards prosperity. GrowFL, the Florida Economic Gardening Institute at the University of Central Florida, is a critical component to the state’s economic development strategy and Florida’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As of June 30, 2013, GrowFL assisted companies represent 13,493 direct jobs across the state of Florida. In 2013, these companies had an estimated sales output of $1.14* billion and contributed $2.33 billion to the Florida economy.  The activities of this program over the same time period helped generate an estimated 3,745 net new direct, indirect and induced jobs, which in turn contributed $587.49 million to Florida’s economy and generated an additional $19.78 million in total state and local tax revenues (above and beyond the cost of the program).  (*All dollar amounts have been adjusted to 2014 dollars.)

Today, GrowFL has assisted more than 700 companies through our Strategic Research and CEO Roundtable programs and recognized 150 successful entrepreneurs through our annual awards program, Florida Companies to Watch.

Invigicom, Inc

Invigicom provides turnkey solutions for liquid logistics tracking and management using a web-based platform with wireless, battery operated sensors and communications gateways. These systems enable our customers to watch over their liquid storage tanks from anywhere and make intelligent routing and servicing decisions based on knowing how much liquid is in each monitored tank. By removing the guesswork and ensuring the dispatcher knows how much liquid is at each location, the Invigicom solution enables them to efficiently plan routes and ensure tanker trucks avoid costly, unnecessary service stops. Invigicom’s turnkey solutions are in use today, supporting a variety of diesel and oil distribution/collection customers or end users.

Iterati Technologies

Iterati Technologies is a technology company founded from advanced development at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. These advancements involve the rapid detection of patterns among datastreams, with a specific focus on sensors. The techniques developed as a part of this work are related to: Outlier Detection in failing machinery, credit abnormalities, Rapid Classification of a ‘failure mode’, amount of time in abnormal operations, and Lifelong Machine Learning for Twitter/Facebook trending information and “Always learning” type systems.

Jamco INC 

Eagletronic High Efficiency forklift battery chargers reduce electricity consumption in charging lead acid forklift batteries of all makes, voltages and capacities. Available in a complete line to fit every electric forklift battery application from 110V plug in to Energy Efficient Opportunity Chargers. Battery chargers for golf carts, aerial scissor lifts & personal carriers are also available from Jamco. 7-Year warranty, full technical support across North America & Europe in 7 different languages. Jamco has 3 locations to serve you: Sanford, FL – Cambridge, ON – Denver, CO. “Go Green with Jamco”.

Manufacturers Association of Central Florida

For more than 20 years, the Manufacturers Association of Central Florida (MACF), has not only been a non-profit organization enhancing the manufacturing industry in Central Florida, but also a tangible resource for local manufacturers.

NexGen Global Technologies

NexGen Global Technologies, a Florida based company developed technologies for real time transmission of photos, video and text for law enforcement and first responder purposes. NexGen’s MMES (multimedia emergency services) technology is a hybrid SMS//MMS/IP platform designed to accelerate and scale NG-911 services, with features and functionalities that can enhance public safety without costly changes or additions to IT infrastructure. The NexGen MIRS (Multimedia Incident Retrieval System) is a cloud-based technology that interconnects across all cell phones and wireless devices and allows a cell phone user to call and speak to a 9-1-1 operator, and with a click of a button, send in photos, video and text of crimes or critical incidents captured from his/her mobile phone) to first responders personnel — all in real time.

Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid Prototyping Services brings CAD files and design ideas to life using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). Test fit, form, and function – and as many design iterations as you like – with functional plastic models made out of the following materials: ABS, POLYCARBONATE, ULTEM 9085 and POLYPHENYLSULFONE.

Spectrum Dynamix

Spectrum Dynamix, Inc. (“SDI”) manufactures, distributes, and sells the world’s most advanced anti-counterfeit technology under the brand name SpectraSure™. The technology was developed by the E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (“DuPont”) and has been transferred to SDI under an exclusive, worldwide, perpetual license.

The Safety Doctor

Dr, Isabel Perry, “The Safety Doctor,” is a nationally recognized safety consultant helping organizations reduce accidents and reduces costs. She served as VP Safety in a Fortune 50, as well as owned a construction company for 13 years.

Isabel provides:
+Safety motivational speeches
+Seminars and workshops (safety culture, team and program development)
+21st century technologies for global training and record-keeping
+Rapid response software via e-mail or text
+Mobile tool-box talks
+Mobile friendly gap analysis software for safety programs
+Safety culture surveys with robust reports
+’Build-an-app’ software for Instant communication via smart phones worldwide

Call 321-287-7771 to reduce accidents and costs today!
TheSafetyDoctor.com, Inc. is a Woman Owned Business

Talawah Technologies 

TALAWAH’s sensors are passive (requiring no battery or power source) platform sensor technology that is inherently temperature sensitive and may be adapted to detect additional environmental parameters such as distance, humidity, corrosion, magnetic field and the presence of certain gasses. TALAWAH’s passive, wireless, temperature, hydrogen (H2) gas, magnetic closure and cryogenic-liquid level sensors were purchased and evaluated by NASA-KSC.

UCF Technology Transfer Office

From Idea to Marketplace:

The Office of Technology Transfer at UCF brings university discoveries to the marketplace through intellectual property protection, marketing, and licensing processes. The office connects UCF researchers and their innovations with companies and entrepreneurs to take the technology to market. Your organization or company can join UCF in making an economic impact by sponsoring research, collaborating with our researchers, taking advantage of our licensing opportunities, assisting in the formation of start–up companies, and commercializing products that can solve today’s pressing problems. The OTT helps you harness the power of the discoveries made at UCF.
Contact our team today for more information 407.882.0340 | tt.research.ucf.edu

UF Office of Technology Licensing

The Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) at the University of Florida works with UF employee inventors with potentially patentable or copyrightable technologies and to facilitate the transfer of technologies created at UF to the commercial sector for public benefit. We are dedicated to assisting employees who feel they have something new and useful, that is potentially patentable or copyrightable.


USF CONNECT is the epicenter of Tampa Bay’s Innovation Ecosystem, which is a network of innovation-based companies, research, business development tools and government resources.

The University of South Florida System provides the foundation through which USF CONNECT is able to unite technology and talent with businesses throughout a 23 county region, providing access to top-tier research, faculty, students, inventors, local organizations, economic development councils, supporting industry and capital funding sources.

USF CONNECT focuses on the needs of Tampa Bay’s technology and bio/life sciences entrepreneurs throughout the business life cycle. We provide the facilities, partners and resources for successful business development. We offer access to technologies, workforce programs, technology commercialization, critical research equipment and incubator facilities. USF CONNECT adds value and delivers targeted, high level expertise when your business needs it most.

University of South Florida Safety Florida

The USF Consultation Program at the University of South Florida was established in the summer of 2000. The main focus of this program is to provide occupational safety and health educational outreach and services to small business within the State of Florida.

USF College of Public Health is the parent organization for the OSHA Consultation Program. The department home for the OSHA Consultation Program is Environmental and Occupational Health.

The USF Consultation Program staff has years of experience in the field of industrial hygiene, building construction safety, public education, environmental and safety and health issues. We are committed to provide training to business groups to address your concerns with safety and health issues and have a positive effect on your bottom line cost within your business. Everyone is interested in saving money in operational costs both direct/indirect costs such as workers’ compensation.