ICSE 2013 Event

Pictured Left to Right: Mahour Parast, Daniel Oldham, Elham Fini, Jennifer Garson, Dr. Tom O'Neal

Congratulations to BioAdhesive Alliance!

We are happy to congratulate the winner of the 2013 MegaWatt Ventures Competition and recipient of $100,000, Bio-Adhesive Alliance, Inc. From Greensboro, NC, BioAdhesive Alliance utilizes swine waste to create a durable construction adhesive that enhances pavement performance. The technology and student participants hail from North Carolina Agriculture and Technology State University. Recently, the company took first place at the ACC Clean Energy Challenge and now have taken first place in the U.S. Department of Energy National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition representing the entire Southeastern U.S.

The Innovation Concourse of the Southeast (ICSE) is an exciting event that brings together up-and-coming small technology businesses, industry-leading corporations, innovative university researchers and countless regional resources to foster a perfect network to build commerce.

This newly combined event leverages the successes of U.S. Department of Energy and Economic Development Administration sponsored programs – MegaWatt Ventures and Florida Cleantech Acceleration Network.

MegaWatt Ventures (megawattventures.com) began in 2011 as an exciting accelerated competition for 10 companies, originating from Southeast US universities, to pursue $100,000 and other resources. Of its 20 graduating companies, 60% are still operating and have secured more than $5 million in revenues/investment.

Florida Cleantech Acceleration Network Showcase (flcleantech.com) supports companies with the highest potential for growth through mentorship, entrepreneur education and strategic investor/customer networking for a year leading up to this engaging exposition.

Large industry and government agencies need access to companies and universities with the best energy and environment related technologies. Expanding to 10 states throughout the Southeast U.S., ICSE efficiently facilitates these introductions and connects Fortune 1000 companies and high energy/water demanding end users to incredible growth opportunities.

The ICSE encompasses stakeholders from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Puerto Rico.

Event Location: MOSI – Tampa, FL – View Info


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MegaWatt Ventures Competition: Tuesday, September 24
Innovation Concourse of the Southeast Exhibition: Wednesday, September 25
Tuesday, September 24

7AM – 8AM
Registration, Continental Breakfast and Networking
8AM – 5PM
MegaWatt Exhibition Open
North Gallery
8AM – 5PM
MegaWatt Venture Pitches
12PM – 1PM
Welcome Center
5PM – 7PM
Exhibition Opens / Reception
Exhibits Gallery
North Gallery
Founder’s Hall
7PM – 7:30PM
Awards Announced
Founder’s Hall
Wednesday, September 25

7AM – 8AM
Registration and Breakfast
8AM – 3PM
Exhibition Opens
Exhibits Gallery
North Gallery
Founder’s Hall
12PM – 1PM
Welcome Center
3PM – 4:30PM
Fireside Chat with Patrick Sheehan, Director of the Florida Office of Energy & Representative Kathy Castor
4:30PM – 7PM
Exhibition Break-down
Exhibits Gallery
North Gallery
Founder’s Hall


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Event Location: MOSI – Tampa, FL

MOSI is a non-profit, community-based institution and educational resource that is dedicated to advancing public interest, knowledge and understanding of science, industry and technology. MOSI’s core ideology is to make a difference in people’s lives by making science real for people of all ages and backgrounds.
View MOSI Website

The Innovation Concourse of the Southeast (ICSE) is renting MOSI’s facility space for its event. Property rentals are not affiliated with or endorsed by MOSI in any way. For more information on this event, please contact ICSE directly.


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MegaWatt Ventures 2013 Finalists:


From Raleigh, NC, 3F makes and sells high-strength fibers to customers who make parts. 3F’s natural fiber (think flax, hemp, kenaf) replaces fiberglass in reinforced plastics and is used to make everything from boats to buildings to bathtubs. The reinforced plastics market is over $62B in total. 3F high-strength nylon fibers are used to in things like cut protective gloves, conveyor belts, and car tires. The industrial textiles market is over $100B per year. 3F products are designed to fill missing gaps in these incredibly large markets. Their patent pending technology is based on over $2M of research funding from NSF, USDA and US Army. While their value is technology based, they make things for a living. 3F is a good old fashioned materials supplier…with a spin.
Advanced Technologies and Testing Laboratories

From Tampa, FL, this company creats a product line of filter technologies – TransformairTM – that destroy major indoor air contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, mold and volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde and toluene. It is truly innovative patented technology that disinfects air and effectively solves the indoor air quality problems in buildings, transportation and health care facilities. It especially provides effective defense against bio-terrorism. The technology originates from the University of Florida and the company is a participant in the Tampa Bay Technology Incubator.

A Research Triangle Park, NC and 2012 Cherokee Challenge winning company, they have developed a DNA-based tracer for oil and gas producing wells, which gives hydraulic fracturing fluid a unique fingerprint, enabling easy detection of nearby water contamination. The founders are all recent graduate alumni from Duke University. Cherokee Challenge Director and Investor JT Vaughn had this to say about the company: “’Base Trace has developed an interesting technology that could have tremendous impact in the natural gas industry by providing an opportunity to definitively determine whether or not any given well is contaminating groundwater. Moreover, the Base Trace team is a group of bright and innovative entrepreneurs who are more than enjoyable to work with.”
BioAdhesive Alliance

From Greensboro, NC, BioAdhesive Alliance utilizes swine waste to create a durable construction adhesive that enhances pavement performance. The technology and student participants hail from North Carolina Agriculture and Technology State University.
General Capacitor

From Tallahassee, FL, they are a clean-tech company developing novel supercapacitors that offer high energy density storage at a rapid rate for a wide variety of markets. The technology and student participants are from Florida State University.
HySense Technology, LLC

A Rockledge, FL company that manufactures a color changing pigment (chemochromic) for gas leak detection for the aerospace, chemical, energy, and gas industries. HySense specializes in Hydrogen gas leak detection, well as other flammable/toxic gases.

This New Orleans, LA company develops natural powders from shrimp and crab shells to coat “smart” particles that destroy toxins in contaminated soil and groundwater. The technology and student participants are from Tulane University and the company is a member of the New Orleans BioInnovation Center. “NanoFex is developing a safe, effective, economical solution to a serious environmental concern. We are excited that Tulane’s technology has found a collaborator that is experienced to take this to the market,” said John Christie, Executive Director of the Office of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Development at Tulane University. “I am confident that once the mentors, judges and audience at the MegaWatt Ventures competition hear what NanoFex is developing they will be as excited about this technology as we are at Tulane and eager to help NanoFex move forward to the market.”
NuEnergy Technologies Corp

NuEnergy Tech Corp designs low cost, high efficient thermal electric TEG generators that have more applications than the traditional photovoltaic products currently on the market. This is a sustainable energy system which will produce electricity generated from the sun’s heat. This product and system is being called ‘Heat Seeker.’ It will also produce electricity from other sources besides the sun’s heat, e.g., furnaces and boiler rooms, power generating stations, tail end exhaust systems, etc.
Sanitation Creations

This Raleigh, NC company is developing the Dungaroo: an odorless, waterless, hygienic and cost efficient portable toilet aiming to solve a worldwide sanitation crisis. 2.5 billion people are without proper toilets, leading to sickness and death. Sanitation Creations plans to provide solutions to the RV, boat, porta-potties toilets and transportation industry. The Dungaroo seals, treats, and stores the waste and the waste can be disposed on in a landfill, effectively containing the methane. Sanitation Creations is a Cherokee Challenge finalist and is a member of the Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network.
Talawah Technologies

‘Talawah’ is a Jamaican term that means “strong and powerful”, and it is often used in the adage “We’re little, but we’re talawah!” “Talawah”, not only epitomizes the technology, but it also gives tribute to Dr. Brian Fisher’s native country. TALAWAH Technologies specializes in the design and development of batteryless, wireless sensors and proven communication systems for detecting physical characteristics in various environments. Specifically, the Surface Acoustic Wave sensors are developed for hydrogen gas, methane gas, cryogenic liquid level, and magnetic closure detection. The coherence multiplexed transceiver facilitates communication with the sensors. TALAWAH Technologies is based in Orlando, Florida and its product portfolio is result of joint research conducted at the University of Central Florida and the National Aeronautic and Space Administration at Kennedy Space Center.

FL-CAN Companies:

Algenol Biofuels

This Bonita Springs, Florida company is a global, industrial biotechnology company that is commercializing its patented algae technology platform for production of ethanol. The patented DIRECT TO ETHANOL® technology enables the production of ethanol for less than $1.00 per gallon using sunlight, carbon dioxide and saltwater and targets commercial production above 8,000 gallons of ethanol per acre per year.

A water engineering company formed by a group of professionals who are experts in advanced oxidation processes. We draw on a wealth of knowledge from years of integrated research, experimentation, and growth. Specifically, we produce unique, state of the art “Fusion Energy” water processing technology which is helping to shape a new generation of green, low power consumption water treatments. We license, design, develop and manufacture water treatment solutions for large-scale and sustainable applications across diverse industries. AquaGen has developed proprietary products based upon our patent pending Fusion Technology, Mixed Oxidant reactor and Separator technology which target bacteria & virus disinfection, oxidation of organics and the precipitation of scale causing minerals.

Envirobrite was founded in 1994 to achieve two goals: to save people substantial amounts of money through use of our energy-efficient products; and to help our environment. Today, our technologies are world-changing and our products are the best you’ll find anywhere. Our lighting experts save our clients thousands of dollars. We help conserve millions of kWh of electricity, which eliminates thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide from the environment. Being an employee owned and operated company has made all the difference. Every Envirobrite lighting expert has a stake in our success, which ensures your success. Over the past 15 years, lighting expertise, service, and pride of workmanship have put us at the top of our field. Since we specialize in retrofitting, we know exactly what it takes to deliver brilliant, cost-effective strategies that will dramatically enhance the quality of your building and deliver the highest energy savings around. Our commercial lighting experts are the best in the business. No doubt about it—Envirobrite can give you dynamic impact and sustainable, bankable results.
Hydromatic Technologies

A Kissimmee, Florida based company that manufacturers energy efficient heating technologies for residential and commercial clothes dryers. Hydromatic’s innovation, called The SafeMate Clothes Dryer, not only provides lower energy cost, but also provide superior safety by eliminating lint-to-heat element related fires.

Invigicom is positioned to leverage the next generation of the internet. This new generation, the internet of things, is projected to bring 15 billion new connections to the internet by 2015. These connections are ubiquitous wireless sensor systems that support all aspects of our world from transportation, to infra-structure, agriculture, health care and energy. Invigicom is entering this market focusing on liquid logistics in the energy segment. The InvigiSense™ product is a web-enabled solution sold to Diesel/Oil distributors/recyclers for monitoring liquid levels in their customer’s remote tanks. InvigiSense provides visibility into the end-customer located tanks, enabling efficient route planning for the delivery/pickup trucks, giving visibility into current inventory levels and providing alert messaging when tanks need servicing. The InvigiSense system is a turn-key solution integrated into a single module. It is very easy to install requiring only that the module be screwed into a standard 2” port in the tank and the opening of a web browser. The system provides 7 day a week monitoring taking the guesswork out of how many gallons where and when. It eliminates run-outs and pump backs, greatly improving operational efficiency while reducing costs, increasing gross margins and improving environmental management.
Mesdi Systems

An Orlando, FL company that sells Nanostorm™ spray equipment used for manufacturing ultra-thin coatings in energy and medical device applications such as lithium-ion batteries, smart glass, solar cells, LED lighting, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and medical implants. Nanostorm™ provides excellent spray uniformity and thickness control at the ultra-thin scale by using patent pending spray technology. Compared to traditional spray methods that use pressure or vibrations, Nanostorm™ utilizes electric fields to generate spray. The result is a precision spray with 100x smaller droplets, 10x increase in coating uniformity, and complete elimination of over-spray waste. By improving coating quality, manufacturers can greatly reduce product defects and the overall cost of manufacturing energy and medical products. Mesdi’s equipment is implemented through strategic partnering. Mesdi is a spin out from the University of Central Florida founded in 2011 by the inventors of the technology.
Mudpower, Inc.

A St. Petersburg, FL company developing microbial fuel cells providing increased power output for marine applications, specializing in modular power systems for long-term marine and estuarine deployments.

This Orlando, Florida company brings innovative nanomaterials and production techniques to enable market-altering improvements to displays, solar panels, as well as other electronic device industries. The increased conductivity of the materials enhances electrical-optical conversion, and its ability to act as a moisture, oxygen and UV barrier prevents premature degradation and increases device lifespan. NanoPhotonica’s display technology utilizes up to 50 percent less power, decreases production costs up to 75 percent and increases color vividness and ease of viewing vs. traditional LCDs. NanoPhotonica’s solar technology triples the solar product lifetime, reducing costs by up to 70 percent, improving efficiency up to 30 percent, while decreasing the weight to a fraction of the competitors. The company is effectively leveraging their superior technology throughout the display industry, and has development agreements or is sampling to 5 of the 6 largest display manufacturers worldwide. They are also optimizing their materials for derivative markets as well.
ReGen Nautics

A Dania Beach, FL manufacturer of hybrid electric power propulsion and power management systems for the marine craft. ReGen leverages its own proprietary real time control software and manufactures exclusive unavailable components to provide custom engineered electric hybrid solutions.
Sea-Watch Technologies, Inc.

A Melbourne, FL company providing remote intelligent monitoring and control for marine vessels specializing in energy, emissions, location and performance tracking.
Sisom Thin Films

Coming Soon
World Housing Solution

An Edgewater, Florida company manufactures rapidly deployable and reusable thermally efficient structures and shelters for the US military, oil and gas, and foreign medical lab industries. Utilizing insulated composite panels with an integrated proprietary assembly and foundation, this unique system allows the deployment of the units either on, or above, grade thereby eliminating the need for expensive site preparation without sacrificing structural integrity.

Other Exhibitors:

525 Solutions, Inc.

525 Solutions, Inc., is a faculty start-up being incubated at The University of Alabama with a mission to transfer fundamental ionic liquids research into new business enterprises. 525’s goals are to invent, develop, partner, and transfer new sustainable technologies. To date, 525 has been awarded three Small Business and Innovation Research grants: DOE grant (2010), NSF grant (2012), and DOE grant (2013).
Bio Energy, LLC

Bio Energy Spectrum Solutions, LLC (dba Spectrum Solutions) owns the exclusive right to commercialize Mississippi State University’s patented technology involving the extraction of oil, which we call biocrude, from oleaginous microorganisms. Spectrum Solutions’ plan is to build the world’s first commercially viable biocrude plant utilizing industrial/municipal wastewaters and return activated sludge microbial cultures for the production of biocrude, and to sell sub-license agreements.
Cherokee-­McDonough Challenge

A Competition and accelerator designed to identify, fund and develop high impact environmental startups. The Challenge invests $20,000 in up to five early-stage environmental ventures each year. More valuable, however, is the in-kind support these startups receive from Cherokee and the Challenge Advisory Committee. The Challenge positions startups for the next round of funding by helping them achieve significant milestones, such as building a minimum viable product of prototype, developing a thoughtful intellectual property strategy, addressing personnel and advisor needs, preparing a go-to-market plan and pro-forma, and outlining a fundraising strategy which may include crowdfunding, grants, debt and equity financing. MegaWatt Ventures selects at least one Challenge portfolio company from the prior year to participate in its annual competition to win up to an additional $110,000 in grant funding.
CPI Technologies

CPI Technologies, LLC (CPI) is a small U.S. veteran-owned business that is headquartered on the Space Coast of Florida in Merritt Island. Our products are high-power and exceptionally compact solar generators for off-grid solutions. Our innovative solutions meet government needs via NAICS code 221114 and commercial needs. We were incorporated in 2011 and have a patented truss on which a variety of standard power generating products from other manufacturers are easily integrated. Our finished systems are built and tested in the factory, minimizing the time required in the field to set them into operation. CPI strives to bring timely and cost-effective solutions to our customers. We provide transformational, low-risk, technology products that create robust electrical power for off-grid users. Product development and manufacturing of unique near-market technologies are our core business. Our current systems include COMPAKsun for solar generation, COMPAKwind for wind-powered generation, COMPAKcell for remote cellular communication towers, and hybrid systems that include combinations of the three products. Complete and portable system modules are available from 5KW to 100KW, and multiple modules easily link to provide additional power for microgrids for any application.
Culturing Solutions

Culturing Solutions is a world leader in Photobioreactor Manufacturing and design for the mass cultivation of microalgae. Installations include 5 countries and eight ongoing projects abroad and domestic. The scope of our projects include; implementing Carbon Capture from Ethanol Production, Power Generation, Concrete Manufacturing, and other industrial flue gasses for use in the Phyta-Platform Photobioreactor for cultivation enhancement of algae. Our proprietary and very robust strains of algae have a very high sugar and starch content, or a very high Lipid Oil content. This sugar and starch can be extracted and utilized as feedstock for Ethanol production. The Lipid oil can be extracted with our novel patent pending process and transesterified into Biodiesel, GreenDiesel and BioJet Fuel. Algae pose many other uses as well, such as Nutritional Supplements / Nutraceutical, Soap Feedstock, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and, of course, Aquaculture. Adding an Algae Farm to a facility that has a source of CO2 would be very lucrative. Waste water from municipalities and other effluent sources can be utilized as a nutrient supply for the cultivation allowing for low cost production.
Eco-Wolf, Inc.

ECO-WOLF INC. designs and manufactures recycling equipment that is capable of recycling many types of materials; however, our focus is fiberglass recycling, Our company produces equipment to reduce many types of recyclable material including (but not limited to) fiberglass, glass, plastics and aluminum into small pieces which can be incorporated into a virtually unlimited number of new GREEN products. Wolfgang Unger invented the equipment which grinds fiberglass into reusable material without compromising the structural integrity and strength of the glass fibers, creating not just “filler” for composite materials, but a reinforcing component which adds strength to the new composite material.
Energy Intelligence Worldwide (EIW Corp)

Energy Intelligence Worldwide, Corp is committed to bringing you a consistently high level of building engineering assistance services. We strive to enhance the bottom line of successful enterprises by developing, executing, incorporating, and upholding intelligent energy savings consumption processes through the use of high quality and principal periphery engineering and software solutions. Our service and product offerings, that minimize your overall energy use, can include HVAC engineering, solar and photovoltaic innovations, wind energy innovation as well as LED lighting, when appropriate. Our client base spans market industries, including Architecture, Construction, Contracting, HVAC Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
Florida Energy Systems Consortium (FESC)

The Florida Energy Systems Consortium (FESC) was created in 2008 by Florida statute to promote collaboration among the energy experts at Florida’s 11 public universities for the purposes of sharing energy-related expertise and assisting in the development and implementation of a comprehensive energy strategic plan for the state. The Consortium was charged with performing research and development on innovative energy systems that lead to alternative energy strategies, improved energy efficiencies and expanded economic development for the state. To kick off this program, the legislature provided approximately $40M for energy research, education, outreach and technology commercialization at five of the Florida universities.

Fresh onboard aircraft restrooms play an important role to experience and enjoy a good flight. The last thing a passenger wants is an odorous restroom. Freshorize is the premier supplier to airlines with its patented and awarding winning combined soap and air freshener dispensers. Freshorize has expertise to create the right ambience for an enhanced passenger experience. Freshorize is a complete one stop shop for all hand cleansing and air freshener needs. Our mission at Freshorize has been to focus on developing innovative products. As experts in creating the right air ambience in aircrafts we have developed air vent air fresheners that can run off air conditioning vents. These can be used in Hotels, offices and homes. Our unique micro capillary air freshener technology has shown amazing performance over a long period of time. Another spin off to the aircraft technology is a new car air freshener that performs consistently with little loss in fragrance strength over several weeks. Passengers flying with our products onboard email us all the time so they can buy something for home use. Freshorize has responded to the overwhelming requests and now developed a new home range with the same quality as its airline products.
Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)

The Florida Solar Energy Center® (FSEC®) is the largest and most active state-supported renewable energy and energy efficiency research organization in the United States. A research institute of the University of Central Florida, FSEC’s programs include Advanced Energy Research: alternative transportation systems, hydrogen and fuel cells; Buildings Research: energy-efficient buildings; Solar Energy: solar water and pool heating, solar electric and distributed generation systems, solar testing and certification; and Education: continuing education courses and K-12 curricula and activities. FSEC maintains extensive laboratory facilities in all of its research areas.
G4 Synergetics

The demand for efficient battery energy storage technology is increasing. Several emerging technologies would benefit from efficient energy and power delivery in excess of 70% round trip efficiency especially while operating continuously at high rate (>10 C-Rate). Present day battery technology can be effective in many of these applications; however, several losses due to conventional construction lead to reduced capabilities and value. G4’s approach applies the advantages of bipolar battery construction to minimize energy losses. Bipolar battery technology eliminates several components resulting in a package that is both energy dense, power rich and therefore highly efficient and effective. The result from a successful bipolar construction would result in battery with large cell count to approach the single-cell performance metrics (Whr/kg, W/kg). To verify the construction, several well-known electrochemical couples were selected for integration. G4’s Bipolar battery technology offers many significant advantages over conventional batteries. Now that the essential mechanics and design factors are better understood and prototypes have been validated, G4’s focus is on incorporating advanced energy rich chemistries developed by: ANL, OVONIC and BASF into its battery technology to serve as the premier platform technology for future electrochemical and electrostatic energy storage devices to come. G4 intends to refine, produce and commercialize these technologies in Alachua, Florida.
GreenPath Energy Solutions

GreenPath Energy Solutions was founded by Samuel Graham, a construction industry professional with a passion for developing sustainable energy-efficient solutions in commercial buildings. GreenPath is a certified minority-owned business. Established in 2006, GreenPath is a leading provider of high-quality energy management solutions and services to business, industry and government. We help commercial building owners and managers optimize their facility’s energy consumption with easy-to-use, web-enabled software solutions that have saved our customers thousands of dollars in reduced energy costs. We offer our customers concentric services that include energy auditing, benchmarking, energy modeling and analytics and MBCx across the spectrum of commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental facilities.
Louisiana Technology University’s Trenchless Technology Center

The Trenchless Technology Center (TTC) is a university/industry/government cooperative research and technology transfer center and is part of the College of Engineering and Science at Louisiana Tech University, in the northern Louisiana city of Ruston. The Center is involved in underground infrastructure and the development of trenchless technologies through basic research, applied research, and technology development activities, coupled with educational, outreach, and technology transfer programs. Since 1991, the TTC has conducted or participated in numerous research projects to further innovation and development related to underground infrastructure. The Alternative Cementitious Binders Laboratory (ACBL) at the TTC has been extensively involved in research and development of geopolymer concrete products for the past seven years. Over this period of time, significant knowledge and experience have been gained in terms of the mixing, casting, and curing of geopolymer concrete, as well as tailoring geopolymer concrete for diverse applications, including extreme corrosion and heat conditions.
North Carolina A&T State University Tech Transfer

Our land-grant heritage positions us well for today’s great research challenges – energy and the environment …nanotechnology and biotechnology …and many more. Our work extends beyond our traditional disciplines of engineering and agriculture into areas including biomedical research, leadership development, and the social and behavioral sciences. In emerging and converging disciplines all across the spectrum of science and engineering and beyond, Aggie researchers are innovators and leaders. In 2009, N.C. A&T established the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering in collaboration with the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. N.C. A&T leads the nation in the number of African American students who receive bachelor’s degrees in engineering. The university also has been successful in encouraging women to pursue degrees in traditionally male-dominated disciplines. Female enrollment in engineering averages 38 percent, twice the national average. N.C. A&T is a constituent member of the University of North Carolina system. It is a historically black university, established in 1891 and located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Enrollment is about 8,900 undergraduates and about 1,700 graduate students.
NOLA Bioinnovation Center

The New Orleans BioInnovation Center (NOBIC) is a non-profit technology business incubator focused on fostering entrepreneurship and supporting biomedical and clean technology innovation in Southeast Louisiana. The 66,000-square-foot facility offers wet-labs, offices, and conference facilities to a broad range of companies, from early-stage startups to maturing and expanding businesses. NOBIC has established itself as a leader in increasing entrepreneurial activity in the region through educational programming and technical assistance to emerging growth companies as they develop new technologies and work to bring them to the market. These include diagnostic tools, drugs, medical devices, health information platforms, and clean technologies that hold great promise for addressing a wide range of medical and environmental problems.
Okeanos Technologies

Okeanos Technologies was formed in 2012 to develop a next-generation, ultra-efficient desalination technology to address our planet’s chronic and increasingly alarming fresh water shortages. Our “solid-state” WaterChipTM platform uses a massively-scaled microtechnology to exploit a recently characterized, ultra-energy efficient process called Electrochemically Mediated Desalination (EMD). Harnessing and redirecting the corrosive potential of seawater one millionth of a liter at a time to desalinate with world-record efficiency, our platform represents the first substantial reduction in desalination costs since the 1950s and promises to address a number of profound environmental, economic and human health related problems.
Robo Labs

A Pompano Beach, Florida service and product company developing robotic systems for personal, military, and commercial applications. RoboLabs is developing a safe and energy efficient robotic lawnmower called the SmartMowTM (smartmow.com) for residential and commercial markets.
Secure Waters, Inc.

SecureWaters talks to water. Their innovation is a water translator called the “AquaSentinel” that communicates with Algae using a patented method of light signals. These conversations can take place every 2 minutes, and the topic is water pollution. Healthy algae report water quality, and alert immediately when pollution strikes. The translator contains a dictionary of chemical thumbprints to identify precise toxins when contamination alerts happen. This ability allows stakeholders to take immediate mitigation steps to ensure our drinking water is safe, and our lakes, rivers, and oceans remain healthy. The sensors are internet aware and can tweet, email or text an alert. The company’s mission is to quantify the health of surface waters everywhere, and build the “Internet of Water”.
Statim Technologies LLC

Statim Technologies LLC has been researching the innovative eco-clean technology of microenvironmental air-chilling since 1997: i.e. hyper-cooling and drying the 1-inch of air immediately surrounding the individual instead of cooling his entire room/building/outdoors/ etc. Technology that can be applied to anyone or anything in a hot/humid environment saving energy, life, and increasing productivity for both human and machine. Cold anesthetized patients (unable to regulate body temperature) have increased infections, bleeding, complications, and morbidity. Operating Rooms are expensively cold, not for sterility, but to prevent surgeon heat prostration. Surgeons are encased in waterproof gowns from head to toe under hot lights. The underside of gowns can hit 114°F.! Warming O.R.’s 10° F. saves energy, money, and lives. Solution? The surgeon needs to be cooled separately from the Operating Room. Only Statim’s patented SurgiCoolerTM system can cool and dry the surgeon to his personal comfort. Medicare/Medicaid now mandates all surgical patients must keep a body temperature of 96.6°F. or above. Hospital reimbursements now depend on this mandate compliance. SurgiCoolerTM’s patented disposable vest/scrub-shirt cools the surgeon to comfort in the 106-million uses in U.S. surgeries each year. This is a major new recurring revenue market in U.S. healthcare that will revolutionize surgery worldwide.
Trash2Cash Energy LLC

Trash 2 Cash-Energy has over twenty years of experience in the catalysis industry. Catalytic production of renewable feedstock to energy is at the heart of our company’s interest. In our home state of Florida, there are over 60 landfills. Many of these landfills are not fully utilizing a valuable energy resource in landfill gas. Every flare of methane is a lost opportunity to turn a profit. Landfill gas contains all the necessary ingredients to convert it to synthesis gas via a tri-reforming reaction. Minimal exterior materials are needed. Tri -reforming is a novel approach to synthesis gas generation which is much more energy efficient than traditional partial oxidation routes. Trash 2 Cash-Energy has successfully synthesized and patented novel catalysts which can generate the proper inlet gas feed ratio to the Fischer-Tropsch process. We have also tailored a novel hydrocarbon generating catalyst to produce JP-8 and diesel fuel at greater efficiency than our competitors. Integrating our technologies to a landfill gas capture system is a great way to fuel a fleet of garbage trucks, or produce enough fuel to market. The price of liquid fuels is also much higher than that of electric power. Our clients can expect to see increased capital upon converting their captured feedstock to usable fuel, rather than turning a turbine. Trash 2 Cash-Energy is a pioneer in revolutionizing the ways in which landfills can do business.
Tulane Tech Transfer

The Office of Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Development (OTT) at Tulane University promotes innovation and entrepreneurship within Tulane and facilitates the transfer of innovations out of Tulane for public benefit. OTT has a history of working with industry to bring technologies to market in the fields of healthcare, industrial applications, and research tools. In addition, OTT highly values interaction between industry and Tulane’s researchers to identify potential collaborations. Existing technologies under development by Tulane spin-out companies include: compositions for environmental remediation via NanoFex, LLC, and an underground reactor that can increase the quality of oil or convert biomass into oil via ReactWell, LLC. Other technologies available for further development include: hollow microspheres for encapsulation, and methods for treating wastewater. Tulane is also currently developing a new campus situated on the bank of the Mississippi River that will host a Center of Excellence for coastal protection and restoration. OTT welcomes the opportunity to discuss interest in our technologies or a desire to collaborate.
University of Alabama

Founded in 1831 as Alabama’s first public college, The University of Alabama is dedicated to excellence in teaching, research and service. We provide a creative, nurturing campus environment where our students can become the best individuals possible, can learn from the best and brightest faculty, and can make a positive difference in the community, the state and the world. As a major part of UA’s effort to invest in innovation through research and development, the Alabama Innovation and Mentoring of Entrepreneurs center (AIME) is a proof-of-concept center dedicated to facilitating and promoting the advancement of UA’s inventions by helping UA faculty, staff and students develop, create and commercialize their ideas. AIME works closely with UA’s Office for Technology Transfer to accelerate the commercialization of marketable ideas at UA in order to benefit the university, the economy and society. AIME and the Office for Technology transfer will offer information on several of UA’s innovative energy technology companies. Specific technologies on exhibit include a new battery system for high capacity rechargeable batteries with longer lifetime and improved reliability and new power converter technologies for more efficient renewable energy integration into the grid.
University of Central Florida Tech Transfer

The Office of Technology Transfer at UCF brings university discoveries to the marketplace through intellectual property protection, marketing and licensing processes. The office connects UCF researchers and their innovations with companies and entrepreneurs to take the technology to market. Your organization or company can join UCF in making an economic impact by sponsoring research, collaborating with our researchers, taking advantage of our licensing opportunities, assisting in the formation of start–up companies, and commercializing products that can solve today’s pressing problems. The OTT helps you harness the power of the discoveries made at UCF.
University of South Florida Tech Transfer and USF CONNECT

The USF Technology Transfer Office (TTO), Patents and Licensing is responsible for the licensing and facilitation of new startups around University technologies. In 2013, USF’s TTO had a record year executing 75 agreements and forming 9 new startup companies. The TTO works closely with USF CONNECT, the epicenter of Tampa Bay’s Innovation Ecosystem, which is a network of innovation-based companies, research, business development tools and government resources. USF CONNECT focuses on the needs of Tampa Bay’s technology and bio/life sciences entrepreneurs throughout the business life cycle, providing the facilities, partners and resources for successful business development.

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