The Innovation Concourse of the Southeast (ICSE) is an exciting program that brings together emerging growth small technology businesses and innovative university researchers (Innovators), industry-leading corporations (Seekers), and countless regional resources which support these Innovators (Allies), to foster a robust network to build commerce. We encourage Seekers, industry members who are looking for emerging technology solutions, to look through our portal of Innovators. We offer a variety of opportunities to network with these Innovators, whether you are seeking a particular solution, a research and development partner, or would like to be an influencer in the discussions of an emerging technology field at one of our events, we encourage all innovation stakeholders to visit the many possibilities available via the respective portals below.

The Innovation Concourse of the Southeast is proud to showcase the bright minds and exciting technologies developed throughout the Southeastern United States. Hosted by the University of Central Florida and a number of partners throughout the 10 states of the Southeast US, we are committed to supporting our Innovators in their technology and business development efforts. For a list of our partners, Allies, please visit our Allies page by clicking here.